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OUT 01 FEBRUARY 2014 @ the gig

Then available to purchase the day after on Sunday, 02 Feb 2014
email: for details

There will be a very limited amount of CDs produced and only 10 handmade special editions that will
be available at the gig.
After they sell out it will be available on iTunes and most other download sites.

This album has been recorded in 24bit and has a big dynamic range.
I abandoned the 'loud' mix because it squashed it and pissed me off.
It will sound good on little shitty laptop speakers and earphones,
but may distort on these devices at the highest volume settings.
Also, you may need to turn your bass level down if you choose to share your commute with me.

I recommend a proper hifi system with big speakers to piss the neighbors off.
It's a huge mix.

Remember, MP3 is for children.

If you steal it may your head swell and explode...


BluRay (in true HD)  £12.99
DVD  £9.99
CD £7.99

The BluRay is almost two hours long divided into three gigs. The full 2013 Crewe and Liverpool gigs, and highlights from last year's Crewe gig.
The DVD is the same as the BluRay but with an edited version of the Liverpool gig cutting most duplicated tracks from the Crewe 2013 gig a couple weeks prior.

The CD is 15 tracks edited from all three shows for one complete concert without duplicated songs.


BluRay & Live CD £20
DVD & Live CD £15


Note: The main feature, Crewe 2013, is shot on five cameras in true HD.

Liverpool was shot with one HD camera with cuts to a regular camera in black and white giving it a 'bootleg' feel on certain shots, but the quality is very good.

The 2012 Crewe gig was a collection of shots from a very good Sony digital camera, with extra shots taken from a standard video camera from the back, and a collection of iPhone videos shot by friends. It actually turned out really good. In areas where things were a bit dull I took that opportunity to add lots of cool effects and shots I filmed on my own that makes it almost like a promo video, albeit an amateur one! Still, it has it moments! :)


CREWE 2013 (stills from BluRay/DVD)

ERIC'S LIVERPOOL 2013 (stills from DVD / BluRay)


Sept 2012 Crewe Gig

A special thank you Dave and the Electro 80s boys. I am forever in your debt. You made this possible.
Also to my wife Abby , Sam North and James at The Box for an incredible lightshow.
And especially the scorboholics for turning up and showing support. I'm grateful.


Live in Crewe, England  22/09/12

01 FEBRUARY 2012

LETHOLOGICA is the working title for the next album.
All CDs prior to Fracture are no longer available. The Anodyne 2xCD compilation covers the best of the earlier material